OVER 750,000 SOLD !

The “ORIGINAL” Glovemate provides the ultimate in hand-palm protection for catching hard hit and thrown baseballs and softballs. From pros and college players to high school and youth players, Glovemate protects the impact area of your hand while still allowing the full flexibility and “feel” of your ball-glove. Glovemate is made with the highest quality leather and materials.

Glovemate was professionally designed and patented by a professional baseball player for players of all ages and levels. Glovemate is a necessity for fielders and a “must” for catchers and first-basemen!

Glovemate was permanently placed into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum (Cooperstown, NY) for it's overwhelming use by baseball players at all levels. 

If it doesn’t say GLOVEMATE, it’s a cheap imposter!

With over 750,000 sold in more than 3,000 sports retail locations, other products have tried to copy the Glovemate but only the Original Glovemate: Attaches quickly, adjusts fit to your hand size, stays in place, “Stops the Sting”, and doesn’t hinder the flex and feel of your ball-glove.