The product GLOVEMATE was invented, designed and patented by Jeff Greenhalgh. As a heralded baseball player in high school and college, Jeff was drafted in the 15th round by the Pittsburgh Pirates as a power hitting Gold Glove award winning first-baseman.

Several injuries could not be overcome which ended Jeff’s baseball career. Besides playing and being a lifelong baseball fan, I always wanted to do something that would have a lasting impact for players of the game. Said Jeff, “I always remembered at every level of ball, the stinging pain of catching hard hit and thrown baseballs.” Even at the pro level I was not surprised to see players putting various cushioning items inside their glove to lessen the “sting”.

Jeff always remembered the stinging soreness and palm bruises of catching several hundred balls every day during baseball season. Jeff decision to design a product that would finally become the most effective, professional product to “Stop the Sting” ever made soon proved successful.

Within three years of hard work and marketing, Jeff’s product Glovemate had become the staple, #1 product sold in over 3,500 sports retail stores and used every year by thousands of baseball and softball players of every age and level.  To date, more than 750,000 Glovemates have been sold and used by baseball and softball players at all levels.

As a result, Glovemate became and remains the leading such product and brand in the USA to “Stop the Sting” for baseball players and commonly worn by major league players. Glovemate was permanently placed for exhibit into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown, NY) for its immense use and success.

On one occasion during a business meeting with the Sr. baseball equipment buyer for Academy Sporting Goods in Katy, Texas, Jeff stated, “As a kid I dreamed of one day making the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. I certainly didn’t make the Hall of Fame… but my product did.” The buyer sitting across the table looked up, smiled and said, “Jeff, you DID make the Hall of Fame, actually you did.”

Jeff continues to enjoy developing relationships with baseball and softball executives, buyers, and players at all levels. Simply being around the game he loves and that has been so rewarding to him is far more than a consolation. As Jeff always says… “Play Ball!”

If it doesn’t say Glovemate, it’s a cheap imposter!