If you’ve played baseball or softball, then you’ve experienced the stinging, soreness and bruising as a result of catching a hard hit or thrown ball. The “ORIGINAL” Glovemate is the most effective protective equipment ever developed to help prevent injury.

Only the “ORIGINAL” Glovemate is made of high quality leather and a durable neoprene “memory” cushion that contours to the player’s hand. Glovemate literally absorbs the shock and impact of the ball, protecting the hand from pain, bruising, and swelling. Glovemate’s unique design is so comfortable, players quickly forget they have it on. Glovemate’s patented design softens the catch without impeding hand or glove flexibility. Held in place by the easy-on velcro strap that fits around the index finger, Glovemate covers the area that is most vulnerable to injury.

Note: The string rawhide as shown here and on the back of the Glovemate package is "optional" and does not come in the Glovemate package.


  • Attaches quickly

  • Stays in place

  • No trampoline effect

  • Size adjusts to fit all

  • Maintains glove flex

  • Absorbs impact

  • Pro quality material

How do I attach the Glovemate?

Place Glovemate on your open hand so that the cushion covers the “impact area” of your palm, with the top part of Glovemate just below the first joint on your index finger. While holding Glovemate in place, firmly wrap the finger strap around your index finger. Slip your hand into your ball glove and you are ready-to-go!

What makes Glovemate different?

1) High quality design and workmanship; 2) Attaches quickly; 3) Stays in place; 4) Comfortable; 5) Does not hinder the ball glove’s “feel” and “flex action”; 6) For fielders as well as catchers; 7) It actually “stops the sting”. No other palm product comes close to offering the same level of protection and value. Demand the ORIGINAL Glovemate.